Wanda Muntwyler Foundation
The Wanda Muntwyler Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of The Wanda Muntwyler Foundation is to help provide for our friends, the animals—especially those who are hungry, suffering, lost or frightened. Together, let all of us work to make a difference in the lives of animals in need who cannot speak for themselves.

About Us

The sole objective of The Wanda Muntwyler Foundation is to further the prevention of cruelty to animals and strengthen the human-animal bond. Foundation income shall be exclusively devoted to charitable or educational activities, which directly affect the care of animals.

Since the Foundation’s assets are limited, funding will be given to areas the grant committee feels can make the greatest impact and where the need is most critical. These activities, at this time, shall be limited to projects within the state of Illinois.

Specific purposes the Foundation may support could include, but not necessarily be limited to, promoting the well being of animals; funding animal charities; awarding veterinary scholarships; encouraging the advancement of veterinary education and research into the causes and treatment of animal disease; protecting endangered species or creating open land preserves for wildlife, nature preserves or zoological parks.

Wanda's Story

As a young girl growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Wanda Muntwyler was surrounded by pets in a family of animal lovers. She and her sisters frequently gave a home to neighborhood strays, supported by parents who insisted on respect for all living creatures. After reaching adulthood, marrying and moving to Oak Park, her interest flourished with the encouragement of her husband who cared for abandoned animals at his south side business. Recognizing this family tradition in her later years, she established a foundation that would extend her family’s efforts to strengthen the human-animal bond and to prevent animal cruelty. Although Mrs. Muntwyler died in September 2000, her work to benefit animals continues through her generosity.